Custom Solutions

We develop innovative software solutions that are not available as standard software. This is where your competitive advantages are.

Wherever standards can be used, we take them into account and integrate them into your solutions to ensure the long-term success and operation of your solution.

Mobile Apps

We create mobile solutions for the platforms of your choice to optimally support your business success on the end devices of your target groups.

We use both native and cross-platform technologies to provide you with the best possible flexibility and sustainability.


There is a lot of potential in experience design. We improve and extend your standard software without customizing the standard.

Instead, we develop independent extensions (Add-Ins, Plu-Ins or Extensions) that make your business more efficient and your processes leaner and more digital.

Why we develop Custom Solutions

Innovation does not come off the standard software shelf. If you want to change the market with good ideas, you create the future yourself.

When we talk about Custom Solutions, we think of real innovation. New services, new business models, new markets. Greenfield solutions like these are our passion and we are really good at it.

And of course there are also additions and extensions of good things that simply leave enough room for creative innovation to have a meaningful impact. That is then rather “refinement” of existing things.

And sometimes custom solutions are not really innovative, but simply practical. As a link between systems. To open up existing functions on new end devices. To digitize processes that nobody has digitized out of the box.

In all cases, however, the following applies to us: Before we design custom solutions, we first check whether there is already a solution off the shelf.

And if not, then we still rely consistently on standards so that you can enjoy your solutions for a long time.

Discover The Future

Top brands from the industry, energy, environment, technology and service sectors rely on us for digital transformation. And when will you talk to us?