SharePoint CRM in the public sector data centre

SharePoint CRM in the public sector data centre

The Challenge

As a public sector service provider, KDRS (now: ITEOS) offers IT and data centre services as well as comprehensive customer service and education and training programs.

In the data center, solutions were already operated on SharePoint and SAP and service processes were organized according to ITIL.

SharePoint CRM

In order to be able to serve customers optimally, a customer relationship management solution was sought.  This solution should support both sales and service processes in an integrated and collaborative manner.

Existing services, processes and IT systems were to be seamlessly integrated in order to be able to build up the process chains from initial contact with interested parties to ongoing support in customer service and operations.

Software Selection

Initially, the software selection process only included well-known players such as Dynamics CRM, SAP CRM, CAS and Salesforce.

In the course of the investigations the SharePoint CRM system from BPA Solutions was able to prevail.

Customer Journey benefit

The new system offers a sales-oriented 360° view for each business area. In addition to the central master and product data in SAP, which is geared to the internal organization, the customer-oriented processes, rules and CRM-specific organizational and authorization structures are also available.


The solution was implemented with SharePoint 2013 and BPA CRM ( NINTEX Workflow is used as a workflow engine to graphically model and document processes. The already existing Infopath forms were left as they were. A replacement of the partly complex forms will take place in a later step.

Implementing a SharePoint CRM

It was clear from the outset that the implementation should be carried out using an agile method. It was also clear that many technical issues were still unresolved at the beginning, which should only be agreed upon in the course of the project.

Agile and sprint-oriented procedures according to SAFe are optimally supported by the tools of BPA Solutions. Business requirements for CRM and customer service can be configured directly in the system without programming.

This allows users to make suggestions for improvement or changes directly in workshops before logic and programming are even tackled.

This procedure can be very efficient. However, it is important in this procedure that an experienced project manager has the big picture in mind and guides the workshops safely to the overall goal.

We have planned the lines of action, like all our projects, in teamwork ( This is also where the activity recording and progress control takes place. The project owners therefore have full transparency about the progress of the project at all times.


Customer Journey is also a core process in administration, which requires comprehensive dovetailing of processes and systems in order to remain competitive. For years, SharePoint has proven itself to be a stable, yet very flexible application platform.

The fact that KDRS with BPA CRM reliably succeeds in this is demonstrated by a market coverage of almost 100% in the Stuttgart region.