Consulting that does not end on the presentation deck

Consulting that doesn’t end at the edge of the film. Digital Transformation Consulting is our program to bring your company into the future through the optimal use of state-of-the-art technology.

Our consultants are experienced doers, entrepreneurs or managers who share their knowledge with you and apply it specifically to your tasks.

Our consulting approach is designed to accompany developed strategies and concepts in the long term. As a partner, we cyclically introduce new perspectives and the latest findings. This enables you to create a living strategy that can be adapted to changing conditions.

Our consulting topics

Digital transformation is digitization to enable or implement new business models, new services and innovation. This is exactly what we do.

Digital strategy

We advise on digital strategy and develop new services and business models that have only been made possible by current technologies or will be possible in the future.

Innovative technology

We advise you on the assessment and optimal use of current technologies in relation to your company, your competition and digital sales channels.

Data, Automation and AI

We help you to develop your data analytics and automation strategy to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and your data.

How we work

Standard workshops, practical trainings and customized workshop programs

Consulting success is a process that takes time, mutual understanding and successive stages of development to achieve sustainable impact.

Our standard workshops impart knowledge or serve as an initial situation assessment.

Building on workshops or on the basis of concrete requirements, we carry out practical training for identified topics, which creates a common understanding and a common level of knowledge among the participants.

Our workshop programs serve to develop concrete customer-specific tasks over a defined period of time. Such programs often run over several weeks and follow a suitable method, but are designed and carried out specifically for you.

This is how a workshop program works using the example of “Strategy development”

Step 1


This 1-day workshop focuses on getting to know each other, understanding each other and creating the basis for cooperation.

In the workshop you will first explain your mission, vision and the values of your company. What does your company focus on? Where do you see your particular strengths? What results do you want to achieve in the next 3 years?

We structure your information with the SWOT method to identify the most important starting points for further steps.

Step 2


In the 4-week research phase we deepen the internal view of SWOT properties identified in the kick-off and supplement this with PEST analysis to determine external influences on your goals.

We present the research results to you and define 1 in-depth topic, for which we develop solution concepts.

Step 3


In the 2-week concept phase we design solution variants for the selected in-depth topic in order to create a basis for decision making for the project planning of the topic.

If you want to deepen more than one topic from your solution space, we conduct a 2-week sprint for each topic.

Step 4

Success control

In this 1-day workshop we present the results, findings and recommendations to the stakeholders of the workshop programme.

In this step, we will again show the formulated goals, the results achieved and potential opportunities. For the selected in-depth topic we present the action plan for implementation for the following 3 months.

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