Global Rollouts in the Automotive Industry

January 30, 2018 / Greenfield Applications / Software Engineering November 19, 2019

The Challenge

The rollout of a new vehicle requires an enormously complex and perfectly coordinated multilevel control of the markets with their respective languages ​​and peculiarities.

Each hierarchy level requires the ability to receive tasks from the higher level and to transparently report their processing status.

And, of course, each layer must be able to create its own tasks or task packages from the tasks it has received for the underlying levels. And of course, appointments must fit top-down and bottom-up.

The fact that close collaboration and coordination between the central control system and the markets (EMEA, ASEA, USA), their countries and the corresponding sales centers and workshops up to the last sales room of the authorized dealers must be ensured in between, makes the task exciting.

The Mission

Build a central coordination point that allows for a perfect overall dashboard and the targeted drilldown or rollup over all levels to be controlled makes life not only easier. It ensures that in the end the result is just right.

The Technology

We have already developed the software in the first version with SharePoint and custom coding. To visualize complex charts or calendar and planning views, we rely on the components of Telerik.

How to

The first version was primarily under time pressure, so that in the first generation, the focus initially lay on understanding and mapping the functional model with all the necessary business objects and the associated hierarchy and authorization levels.

In further stages of development, we were then able to focus more on the user experience and easy navigation of the functionalities required per hierarchy level.

By the third generation at the latest, the business objects, processes, drill-downs, rolloups and aggregations were then so well established that the planning of the next rollouts could be supported by templates, which made the preparation and comparability of rollouts a routine task. which nevertheless remains demanding in practice.


The system is now in use in the 8th generation and has proven itself thoroughly. Despite enormous changes in the environment of the software solutions, our solution is still in use.