About us

We are growing fast and we have some plans. With our locations in Switzerland and Germany, we are close to our customers. We advise digital transformation, innovative technologies and implement digital concepts.

Digital Transformation. Solutions from tomorrow. Available today.

Boost customer engagement, productivity end revenues with fresh ideas, digital business models and latest technology.

  • We identify concrete digital opportunities in marketing, sales, customer service, collaboration and productivity.
  • Together with you we develop innovative concepts and digital business models that modernize or expand your value chain.
  • We integrate and develop advanced software and cloud solutions that help transform digital opportunities into business success.
  • Respect, recognition and fairness are our core values.
  • We are creative, innovative and committed.
  • We are honest, fair and transparent.
  • We can implement what we advise.

Rüdiger Gros


I coach and consult in strategic digital transformation projects and enable our teams to work closely connected and top qualified on innovative solutions for your digital transformation.

Mark Ferkaluk

Managing Director EFEXCON Deutschland GmbH

My Teams are your partner for planning, implementation and support for your CRM-, Productivity or Collaboration Solutions. We take care that your investments in solutions turn into revenues and increased efficiency.

Pawel Bojkowski

Managing Director EFEXCON Deutschland GmbH & EFEXCON Polska Sp. z o.o

My teams transform classic datacenters and OnPremise solutions into modern (hybrid) cloud solutions with seamless DevOps-Integration. No matter if you want to migrate Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics or Active Directory solutions, just ask us.


We employ experts in 4 countries

And accept applications from talents from all over the world.


We work with automotive OEMS & suppliers, engineering companies and parts producers to create consistent continuous process chains and innovative solutions.

Various of our employees and managers have been in these industries since years and deliver profound experience in specific processes and industry differentiators.

We consulted in a broad range of functions in procurement, sales, after-sales, logistics, assembly, digital factory, PDM, PLM or collaborative solutions like supplier or customer portals.

We combine innovation and experience and create smart solutions for our customers.

Customer samples

The energy and environmental industry is one of the strongest digital transformers in the market.

We develop innovative ideas and digital business models with our customers for energy producers, utilities and high-tech companies in the energy sector, from the study to the market-ready product.

The technical approaches are broad, but the agile methods used and the latest mobile, cloud and data science technologies in which we can contribute our expertise are consistent.

In particular, our industry and integration experience helps us to bridge your projects, bridging system boundaries.

If you want to drive digital transformation and innovation, we are happy to be available for a non-binding consultation.

Customer samples

The technology and global logistics service providers have always been at the forefront of digital transformation.

This industry is an ideal “playground” for our creative minds to bring the latest technologies and methods to life.

We integrate cutting-edge technology into existing systems to bring innovative data science, business intelligence, machine learning and collaboration solutions up to date.

With our comprehensive understanding of customer, logistics and support processes, we are quickly on par with your project experts.

If you are looking for a fresh, creative innovation partner for your ideas, we are at your disposal for a non-binding consultation.

Customer samples

We help hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities to simplify, automate and support their administrative, quality and patient workflows with state-of-the-art technologies.

With integrated compliance and risk management, we combine existing and new systems in order to digitally ensure compliance and to support employees with easy-to-use apps.

We use anonymous data with machine learning, bots and cognitive algorithms to intelligently support complex planning processes and to optimize organizational processes.

To ease decision processes, we visualize existing and newly collected data with interactive dashboards to provide real-time predictions and decisions on data.


Customer samples

Although the public service is different in many ways from industrial customers, the requirements for productivity and collaboration solutions are similar.

Information architectures in public or financial sectors are often more standardized than in industrial sectors – but collaboration often requires even more intense investigation to optimize administration routines.

We analyze, advise and transform your requirements into digital solutions and implement digital forms, digital signatures, workflows or SharePoint based applications.

If you are looking for an unbinding consultation, we are happy to advise you without obligation.

Customer samples

Roadmap 2020

We are growing fast and we have some plans. With our locations in Switzerland and Germany, we are close to our customers. We advise digital transformation, innovative technologies and implement digital concepts. Our sites in Poland focus on software engineering, DevOps and technical feasibility studies. We plan to grow at all sites, but in Poland we are aiming for the steepest growth curve and building our software engineering academy to bring together experienced software and data professionals with talented young people from the best universities.