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Your business success digitally optimized.

We are on our way to becoming one of the Top 100 Europe’s best digitalization service providers. And we remain No. 1 in customer satisfaction.

EFEXCON Group Holding AG is an international IT and management consultancy focusing on digital transformation.

Since 2005, the company has been advising and supporting top medium-sized companies and top groups in a wide range of industries in their digital transformation.

The operating companies at locations in Switzerland, Germany and Spain are specialized in the consulting of your digital strategy, the improvement of business processes and the implementation of software and cloud projects.

As a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, we are a specialized partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Office 365 as well as Microsoft-SAP integration.

We introduce and integrate standard software solutions and develop innovative custom solutions with specialized software engineering teams.

Digital strategy

Digital solutions only work optimally in digitally oriented organizations. Since 2005, we have therefore been committed to providing professional advice on digital strategy, digital business models and organisational change, and also to implementing them technically.


We have been burning for your success since 2005 and create digital solutions for more customer & employee loyalty, higher earnings & productivity as well as convincing innovation, automation and transparency in the company.

Satisfied customers

Since 2005 we have been convinced that your success is our success. To ensure that this remains the case on our way to becoming one of the top 100 European digitization service providers, our top priority remains the first place of our values and goals, despite all our growth.


We are creative and analytical and develop ideas for new digital business models that make your company fit for new markets. Executives benefit from our compact executive workshops, which focus on strategic content and understanding digital opportunities. In practical implementation, we focus on design thinking and agile methods.

Digital expertise

As a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider with various gold and silver certifications, we master modern cloud technology, software development and integration with platforms such as SAP, Google and more. Experience with us how this technology can create sustainable competitive advantages for your transformation projects.


Change is a challenge for people and organizations. We therefore accompany change in your company in all phases of digital transformation – from the idea to digital normality. We are proud of more than 350 exciting projects in which we have always succeeded in inspiring organizations and people for change and successfully implementing it digitally.

Services must create value

We are creative, innovative and committed. What we advise, we can also implement. And what we start, we also finish in a positive way.

For us, the handshake still counts more than any contract.

Industry sectors

The energy and environmental industry is one of the strongest digital transformers on the market.

We develop innovative ideas and digital business models for energy producers, utilities and high-tech companies in the energy industry together with our customers and implement them from the study to the market-ready product.

The technical starting points are broadly diversified, but all agree on the agile methods used and the latest mobile, cloud and data science technologies, in which we can contribute our expertise.

Especially our industry and integration experience helps us to build bridges and overcome system boundaries in your projects.

If you want to drive digital transformation and innovation yourself, we are available for an informal consultation.

An excerpt of our customers

Global transport and logistics service providers have always been pioneers in digital transformation and an ideal “playground” for our creative minds to put the latest technologies and methods to practical use.

We integrate the latest technology with existing systems, develop innovative DataScience, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and collaboration solutions to the latest standards.

With our comprehensive understanding of customer, logistics and support processes, we are quickly at eye level with your experts in projects.

If you are looking for a fresh, creative innovation partner for your ideas, we are available for a non-binding consultation.

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Global technology and TelCo companies have always been early adopters of digital technology. Our creative minds find new fields of application and business models to put the latest technologies and methods into practice.

We develop software prototypes and user experience scenarios for new technologies and create new services that are made possible by the latest technology.

With our comprehensive understanding of customer journey and user experience design, we are quickly at eye level with your experts in projects.

If you are looking for a fresh, creative innovation partner for your ideas, we are available for a non-binding consultation.

An excerpt of our customers

We work with automotive OEMS, suppliers, machine builders and parts producers on integrated process chains and innovative solutions.

Many of our employees and managers have been involved in this industry from the very beginning and have accompanied the changing needs and special features of this industry for more than 30 years.

From procurement, sales, after-sales, logistics, assembly, body shop, digital factory, PDM, PLM to collaboration, portals and supplier management, we have advised and implemented projects in almost all business areas.

We bring innovation and experience together and implement solutions practically.

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The real estate industry is complex. From property developers to construction companies and real estate agents, experts deal with the life cycle of real estate.

We advise well-known companies on the digitalisation of their processes and the digital transformation of their business models. Mobile working, arbitrary wireless bandwidth at the construction site with 5G, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality are also gaining a foothold in this industry and changing the way we work – but above all the competition.

Don’t miss the right time to enter the digital change. We help you to align your company with the future.

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We help hospitals, care and rehabilitation facilities to simplify, automate and provide mobile support for their administrative, quality and patient processes with modern technologies.

With integrated compliance and risk management, we connect existing and new systems to ensure compliance-compliant and legally compliant processes digitally and to support employees simply and mobilely with task-specific apps.

We use anonymized data with machine learning algorithms to intelligently support complex planning processes and optimize organizational procedures.

Previously manual data entry processes are supported by software bots and cognitive services to relieve employees of administrative tasks through voice input and intelligent data entry dialogs.

We visualize existing and newly collected data with interactive dashboards to enable real-time forecasts and decisions based on data.

An excerpt of our customers

Even though the public sector differs from industrial customers in many ways, the requirements for productivity and collaboration solutions are very similar.

The fact that special terms, standardized structures and a strong administrative focus are in the foreground does not change the challenge of replacing existing solutions with more economical solutions to enable digital transformation in the administration.

We analyse, advise and transform your specialist requirements into digital solutions and complement your internal teams in those areas that are difficult to map internally in day-to-day business.

If you need to implement digital forms, digital signatures, workflows or SharePoint based applications, we will be happy to advise you without obligation.

An excerpt of our customers

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Executive Team

Rüdiger Gros

Rüdiger Gros

Rüdiger Gros is founder and CEO of the EFEXCON Group. He has been working in digital strategy and process consulting for more than 30 years and stands for digital innovation and cutting edge software. He has advised, developed and managed medium to very large companies in the industrial, automotive, energy & environment, logistics and technology sectors.

Paolo Iacona

Paolo Iacona

Paolo Iacona is Managing Director and Managing Partner of EFEXCON Deutschland GmbH. He has been working as a consultant in process consulting, digital innovation and software development and integration for more than 10 years. He has advised and developed in medium to very large companies in the industry, automotive, energy & environment, logistics and technology sectors.

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