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Business Solutions

Easy CRM, Quality Management, Projects, Processes, Data and Collaboration with SharePoint and Office 365 solutions.


Understanding Digital Transformation, new business models and latest Technologies. Learn how to use them for your success.


We consult and engineer software solutions with modern technologies like IoT, Machine-Learning, Cognitive Intelligence and bots.

Intelligent Customer Engagement

One platform for CRM, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service, Marketing, Social and Portals Online, Mobil and Offline.

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Why you should contact us

Digital allows even small companies to scale

Digital Transformation is not just a Buzzword. It shows business reality today, where classic business models are overtaken by digital ones in light speed.

This is not only a threat. It is also a massive chance you can take.

Practice samples for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation delivered by disruptive Startups like Uber, AirBnB, Lieferheld, Amazon and many have brought heavy pressure to traditional businesses.

This is not evil. It is the prove that Digital Transformation can be started by small companies that grow big rapidly.

Innovation does not exist off-the-shelf

Digital Transformation needs ideas, courage and technology to create new markets.

This is not possible off-the-shelf. It requires clever Software-Engineering with innovativ technologies like IoT, Robotics, Machine Learning, Big Data and more.

The hybrid usage of the cloud opens the door for mixed operations models that ideally support a smooth transformation from OnPremise to the cloud.

Now it is your turn

When have you taken your time to rethink your business model the last time? How satisfied are you with your current business development? What market position shall your company have in 5 years?

It´s time to take control over. Talk to us and we will support your journey.

SharePoint Management and Migration

Get rid of troubles with your SharePoint management. We help you hands on and uncomplicated. Let as master sizing, scaling, performance and daily routines for you. We even manage your migrations to higher versions or Office 365.

Reduce License- and operations cost

Let us optimize your license-, it asset and operations spendings for you. We analyze, monitor, audit and manage the license and IT usage in your company, help you transform to cost efficient cloud operations and train your procurement departments on how to buy it services best.

First steps with Office 365

Those who are not yet convinced of the huge advantages of Office 365 often have a lack of information about the benefits. We help you to easily identify your personal scenarios to get the most out of it.

Low Code instead of IDV-solutions

If you struggle with custom solutions created with MS Access, Ms Excel, Visual Basic or PHP and you get headaches while thinking about maintaining or migrating these apps, we help you to migrate your mess to managed low code solution platforms.


Interesting projects we´ve done

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