Back from the dead, SharePoint 2016 helped by Office 365 | Sharegate

Juni 18, 2015 / Office 365 / Sharepoint January 23, 2020

SharePoint 2016 OnPremise

Yes. There will be an OnPremise version.

We found this great article on ShareGate and want to give you the opportunity to read it… in case you are not subscribed already. SharePoint 2016 by ShareGate

Microsoft has officially announced the release of SharePoint 2016. It will provide a great Office 365 hybrid experience.

Back from the dead, SharePoint 2016 helped by Office 365 | Sharegate

Don’t Panic – Microsoft listens to customers.

For all those that are already looking for alternatives for their existing SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 farms: Don’t panic. It is all about the O365 cloud. And it is all about hybrid.

Hybrid is another word for „if you don’t trust the cloud yet, you will probably do later“.

Especially in Switzerland we see a strong demand for „local datacenters“ and a complete distrust in US-based cloud services. And it is not to be expected that this will change too soon, no matter how hard the technical facts may be to prove security. It is an emotional thing.

Still, also in Switzerland, IT managers fully understand that a service may run in the public cloud while data can be kept in the LAN. That is what hybrid can be about.

On top of that, time and technology will solve these issues anyway. And Microsoft will be clever enough to deliver OnPremise SharePoint with loads of hybrid features as long as IP-routing technology does not ensure that Swiss IP-pakets are not delivered outside Switzerland.

And those who attended the cool World Web Forum in Zurich this year have probably heard ABRAHAM BERNSTEIN speaking about innovations from University Zurich that create „secure IP-transport-zones“ that allow Swiss IP pakets to stay in Switzerland.

So… don’t look for other products. Make the best out of what you have. And I am sure that you have plenty of things to optimize.

Oh… and don’t forget to check out the page from ShareGate before your next SharePoint migration.