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The Conference

EFEXCON participates in the most interesting conferences and events related to the Digital World. We love to speak, share the knowledge and experience. For instance, in October 2017, I was speaking at PASS SQL Saturday in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here you can find the whole list of our speeches in 2017.

In February 2018 I participated in a very inspiring and fascinating conference in Zürich, Switzerland: Worldwebforum.

Highlights of the Worldwebforum 2018

The main topic of the conference was: END OF NATION. This is mostly related to the effect of globalisation and new business models, mostly based on the microservices.

There were a lot of speeches, panels and workshops which were related to the technology-trends aspiring to be more popular in the near feature, like: IoT, BOTs, Artifficial Intelligence, Blockchain.

You could listen to and meet with a lot of world-known celebrities from the worldwide businesses, among others:

  • Bruce Dickinson, Lead Singer Iron Maiden, Pilot & Entrepreneur, London: 666 the number of the beast :)
  • Mark C. Thompson, Senior Executive Coach and Bestselling Author, San Francisco: CEO Coach of Steve Jobs & Richard Branson
  • Wilhelm Oehl, Partner & CXO Eight Inc., San Francisco: Inventor of the Apple-Store with Steve Jobs

source: Official Worldwebforum website: https://worldwebforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/WWF_2018_by_Dominik_Tryba15-1.jpg

I personally rate the speech of Bruce Dickinson as the most spectacular, mostly because of the energetic nature of Bruce and very inspiring message he gave, based on his business and personal expierience.


Every conference is connected with the networking and opportunity to talk with interesting people in personal. I met at the Worldwebforum two managing partners from the Xappido - the UI and UX specialists with whom the EFEXCON is constantly cooperating.

If you want to listen little more about the insights from the conference itself and the Manuel Wymann's and Thomas Schöpfer's points of view about the future of autonomous cars, catch the first episode of the EFEXCON Podcast:

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