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How to boost and maintain productivity

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The mission

Business performance is mission critical for all companies. And how should a company perform better if not by positive productivity of employees?

Employees have the power

Productivity works hand in hand between employer and employee.


This means that the most measures to be productive are depending on the employees themselves, the employer can only support employees efforts to stay productive by providing flexible rules and good working environments.

We found a very cool infographic on the Salesforce blog that we want to share here (of course with allowance of Salesforce):

How to Increase Productivity

Via Salesforce

Our personal tips on top

In addition to the great visual summary of Salesforce, we found out that our best time for creative work tyoically are the first 2 hours of work on a regular day.

This means that we try to organize ourselves to do creative work in the morning and to schedule routine work not before 11 AM.

To reduce interruptions and focus on fulfilling planned activities, we recommend to answer e-mails at fixed time slots. Do not respond or read messages in between. The same is valid with ad hoc chat and stream-messages.

As mentioned in the Salesforce infographic, doing sports in the morning raises your level of concentration and energy. But not only then. Try to do a 15 minutes walk before lunch… and you will reduce appetite for unhealthy things and will feel more “energetic” after lunch.

And a last one for today: If you feel tired after work or in the evening: don’ t sit down on the couch. Put on your running shoes and do some short sprints, make a 15 minutes run, sit on your bike and just ride for some miles.
If you sit down on the couch afterwards, you will be able to really relax. And check it out yourself. Your brain will feel fresh and delighted.

Any tips from your side, too?

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