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Understanding the Twitter follower value

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The Twitter follower value

Understanding the Twitter follower value is not easy. Since Monty Pythons “Life of Brian” we learned that communities sometimes gather followers because others follow, too. And the first followers might follow without a true reason to follow, perhaps because of pure curiosity. Therefore, follower count does not necessarily mean business potential in the followership.

Does follower count play a role at all?

Follower count might be an interesting marketing factor, because a huge follower crowd signals “success” and “relevance”. People tend to assume, that there must be something fascinating about a leader that has followers.

And to be clear on that point. On Twitter everybody who has at least one follower is a leader. So, if your followership is no help for your business, it might still serve your ego.

If follower count is important for you, it might be an option to buy Twitter followers and then create a kind of “perpetuum mobile”: the bigger the crowd, the more followers you get. Sometimes it is the herd instinct that serves our needs.

STOP! Before you leave that article now to buy some followers, I ask you to go on reading.

Calculating the Twitter follower value

Thanks, you are staying with us in that article. Great!

There is no ONE FORMULA to calculate the Twitter follower value, but there are relevant metrics and measures out there, that can help every business owner to evaluate the current followership and to take measures to optimize it.

Your Twitter follower value can become your measure for all ongoing activities in your Twitter strategy, because YOU model your formula that is relevant for your business.

What initially sounds difficult is typically a straightforward process: you just have to ask yourself some questions about your service offering and the interest profiles of potential clients. This will be your Twitter follower metric. Example:

  • do you have geographical limits for selling your products, e.g. only New York
  • is logistics a hurdle to sell your products
  • do you expect a certain topic interest for potential buyers
  • do you expect a specific expertise from potential buyers
  • are your customers in a concrete age range


You just have to write down your list of the most important influence factors for your potential buyers, influencers, stakeholders etc. and then prioritize and do a utilization analysis. Well, simply the same stuff you are doing anyway in marketing.

Congratulations! You created your Twitter follower metric

Now analyze your followership on Twitter, create a list for each of your priority criteria in your metrics and sort your followers in. Then count and calculate.

Example: Assuming that 11% of your followers match your top 3 criteria and 26% match the set of your top 7 criteria, you can derive that your followerhip has potential for better targeting.

Improving your Twitter follower value

Because there are few businesses out there that earn money by just having followers, a business needs customers willing to pay for offered services. So targeted followers are the key for targeted marketing.

As you classified your audience by your Twitter follower metrics, you can provide relevant content to each target group now. And if your content is good, you will grow the number of targeted users, because good content is appreciated content. It will be re-tweeted and favored.


We believe that quality content is a proven key to organic growth. The key to conversion are targeted followers provided with targeted content.

Be aware, that direct conversions on Twitter are quite seldom, but if you follow the steps above, you will see your Twitter follower value grow rapidly. It is an internal metric that helps you measure the successful execution of your strategy.

The rest is a good conversion strategy with cool landing pages for the best products available that match your targeted audience’s needs perfectly.

Try it out, we would love having your success stories!

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