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New generation customers: 3 minutes to rethink your marketing strategies

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Marketing strategies: People are changing and they won’t stop

Marketing strategies must address people. And the internet in general and social media in particular are changing the way people perceive, think and decide day by day. Marketing principles that have been valid for years are just not working anymore. To reach this new generation, we should start considering what people are really demanding.

Let’s think about what the majority of people stands for today. And then let’s do the step and figure out what that means for your marketing approach.

People want to be part of something

OpenSource. Wikipedia. TripAdvisor. Services and products are awesome, when a bunch of people with different profiles, motivations and experiences are part of the creation process. And more and more people want to make a contribution. Want to shape the future of the world they live in. And want to get acknowledged for what they are doing.

People trust other people

Imagine the following situation or probably remember the last time it happened to you: You are checking out some new electronic gadgets at a retailer. You want to book a decent hotel for your three days stay in Paris. You are looking for a nice DVD for a cozy evening on the couch with your beloved ones.

How would you decide what to buy? Would you ask the available assistents (if they are available)? Would you go to a local travel agency? Would you trust the covers and summaries?

Or would you rather check out customer reviews on, travel reports on or ratings on

Nowadays the power to define the value of a product or service is often placed directly into the hand of customers. And potential customers trust other customers more than they would trust any brand advertisement.

People want to have several communication channels

Some people like to talk on the phone, others want to write emails or they just want to read through an information base and help themselves. They cherish short response times and a sincere, honest interest in their needs.

When you have a problem with a product, you just want to have a solution. You don’t want to post in a forum and wait three days only to find yourself stuck because you forgot your user credentials.

If you have a brilliant idea on how to improve a product or service, you don’t want to take the effort to walk through an awkward feedback process. But if the feedback can be given extremely easy with some reward or social feedback, you would probably make an effort and share your thoughts.

What does it mean for your marketing strategy?

Give people space for contribution

Nobody wants to go through a registration process, if they cannot see the benefits that come out of it. But their opinion might be priceless for your business and your ideas so let’s open up our marketing efforts for a public opinion.

Give people proof of your credibility

Anybody could say anything. We are the best. We are the fastest. We have all solutions to all problems. On the whole world. But who would believe it?
It’s a good step to have influencers aboard that people trust in. But why shouldn’t we try to get social recognition from more people. People of all backgrounds. People like you and me. Nobody could make your products or services more credible.

Give people communication channels they like

Restricting yourself to a specific channel will hinder people from contacting you over something they have in mind. Why should you miss the chance to improve your product and your business? Why should you ignore the need of customers and thereby lose the chance to convert them to true followers and even evangelists?

Albert Einstein once said:
“Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current pattern of thought.”

That is not only valid for science but also for marketing. Today more than ever before.

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