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CLM performance is no spelling error. It is the death of classic CRM.

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The customer lifecycle

For those who never heard of CLM (customer lifecycle management) before: It neither is a spelling error nor must you be ashamed of not knowing the abbreviation. I just invented it.

Even though I assume, that the shortener CLM will become the new star on the abbreviation sky, the more important thing are the thoughts behind the process of customer lifecycle management.

From CRM to CLM

The 360° CRM has been a buzzword in the past to signal, that you have a full view on all customer details and activities in a single place or better: in a single system. But this has been a challenge at a time, when sales had difficulties to gather customer and prospect related data in one place.

Today we discuss the customer lifecycle, a 360° CLM challenge that has grown a lot. We shall

  • integrate the process chains between marketing, sales, product management and customer service.
  • additionally be far more reactive and at the same time be more informative on all available channels.
  • be experts for all those things starting with social, from network to sales over marketing, media, service and even more things.

And of course we shall do all these jobs with less people, less budget in less time and with increased revenues and margins.

Sounds impossible? So what?

This is not fair!

No matter, if your boss already asked you to put the superman cape on or not: Your customers already do and your competitors might already be ahead of you.

This is unfair. You are already struggling like a fly in a spider’s net only to cover all those 360° CRM tasks. There are not much alternatives now, you must talk to your boss and ask him the ultimate question:

What is your transformation strategy from CRM to CLM?

And don’t forget to end the sentence with:

“…and how can I support you?”

Now that you surprised your boss with your initiative AND a question he cannot answer without having read this article, you are in the position to rule the next steps.

Like all executives your boss will have a clever response in his pocket, like:

“How would you do it?”

That is what you have been waiting for. Now you are in charge to take over the position of the CCLMO (Chief Customer Lifecycle Management Officer) in your company. This is your chance to drive your career.

The only thing that holds you back from outpacing all your colleagues is your convincing transformation concept.

Don’t hesitate

You are so close to your next career step. Just keep on reading our blog posts.
You are on the brink of becoming a rocketing star in your company, don’t hesitate too long. Your colleague might read that article, too!

This is an article in a series we are just starting, so be sure to follow us to not miss a part of the series.

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