1. August 2014

If you haven’t read our article about contact data management yet, you might have never heard of Customer Lifecycle Management before. I don’t blame you for that. I invented the word and the abbreviation some months ago, so…

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29. July 2014

One of the first obvious but still often overseen facts about contact data is, that this data only represents a person’s details from a specific perspective and for a specific purpose. To better explain this important…

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22. July 2014

This post will not cover the details how to create successful email campaigns but will dive into the integration of Wordpress and MailChimp both of which are widely used in different business scenarios and…

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18. July 2014

Everybody tells us, that great customer service is a big chance to make better business. Sounds logical. Customers should enjoy our services, love to interact with us, be satisfied with our answers to their questions and prefer to buy products from…

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16. July 2014

We found a lot of material about social CRM with various definitions, interpretations, guidelines and some really impressive graphs about the character of a social CRM. This is a clear indicator, that there is no…

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