8. January 2015

The mission Business performance is mission critical for all companies. And how should a company perform better if not by positive productivity of employees? Employees have the power Productivity works hand in hand between employer and employee. Cool. This means

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22. December 2014

Dear Reader, from our perspective this year passed by at lightspeed. And I am sure, that a lot of you out there feel the same. Time seems to run faster every year, which might be a result of a huge information and opportunity overload everywhere we go. We have so much of everything that it becomes difficult to cherish the things we have and we learned to struggle even harder for new things we do not have yet.

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5. December 2014

Sales booster cook book. I read this book. In so many variations. It is like with standards: The great thing is, that we have so many of them. And it is up to you to find out which one applies best to the current situation. I can’t deliver THE ONE recipe, but I can provide you with some thoughts and experiences from my own sales activities.

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19. November 2014

Who created PowerPoint slides in the past probably invested some time in “beautifying” or enriching the slides. Either with animations or comments or information only relevant for the presenter. If you take a look at the online presentation platform “slides.com”, you will find out soon that the capabilities in comparison to PowerPoint are quite limited.

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12. November 2014

One of the frequent complaints of sales people is about “the lack of interesting stories” to tell to new prospects or even existing ones. In a world of social media where sales people are thought to not talk about their product but about the value they create, a lot of sales people feel overstrained with this task. Most sales people feel better, if…

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