26. August 2014

We have done a lot of CRM projects. And we have seen a lot of CRM systems of companies in various branches. One thing that stands out in almost any CRM project is the lack of conceptual preparation for targeted campaigns. To really design your CRM to be able to run campaigns later, we recommend…

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19. August 2014

Almost any sales person suffers the same problems. The corporate CRM is complicated, complex and the processes are structured like some “experts” designed the ideal corporate workflow. Which has nothing to do with how you – as a sales person – work.

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15. August 2014

Today we want to welcome our two guests who are well-known for their valuable experience and long-time excellence in topics all around inbound marketing: Mr. Hubspot and Mrs InboundNow. Good evening! Mr. Hubspot, do you think inbound marketing is old hat?

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12. August 2014

What a strange title and what a strange combination! What has your CRM to do with this technical IT thing called Active Directory? For those who have never heard of Active Directory or Directory before: It is a database that is optimized to…

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5. August 2014

Some words in advance: There is no unique truth to create a CRM good practice contact data model that matches all needs. But from more than 150 CRM projects over almost 30 years I dare to talk about experience. And this is what I am going to share here.

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