22. July 2014

This post will not cover the details how to create successful email campaigns but will dive into the integration of Wordpress and MailChimp both of which are widely used in different business scenarios and …

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18. July 2014

Everybody tells us, that great customer service is a big chance to make better business. Sounds logical. Customers should enjoy our services, love to interact with us, be satisfied with our answers to their questions and prefer to buy products from…

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16. July 2014

What makes a social CRM social? We found a lot of material about social CRM with various definitions, interpretations, guidelines and some really impressive graphs about the character of a social CRM. This is a clear indicator, that there is no

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13. July 2014

It is a big word with a lot of interpretations but actually the principles of inbound marketing are simple and can be formulated in 4 steps:
Attract visitors to your website. Gain as much information about your visitors as possible. Make your visitors…

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9. July 2014

The Twitter follower value Understanding the Twitter follower value is not easy. Since Monty Pythons “Life of Brian” we learned that communities sometimes gather followers because others follow, too. And the first followers might follow without a true reason to

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