7. October 2014

In the whole article series about CLM, we discussed the transformation from classic CRM approaches to Customer Lifecycle Management, a much enhanced chaining from inbound over CRM to customer service with a heavy integration of social media and social communication. But there are two other dimensions I don’t want to omit: Culture and Demographics.

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1. October 2014

After the previous posts where I wrote about CRM and several things corresponding to CRM, I want to switch to the most critical part of CLM: Your employees and your leadership. Customer Lifecycle Management fully depends on your leadership’s ability to transform culture and your employees’ behavior and capabilities in delivering customer satisfaction in various dimensions. Your employees are the natural interface to …

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26. September 2014

You are back at the screen again, ready to watch this battle come to an end? If you missed the first four rounds, you can just press “rewind” and take a look. But get ready for round 5 now!

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23. September 2014

The current post will show the touchpoints between CRM and documents in an organization and why this connection is an important part for any company. Documents are everywhere in any company. They appear as paper or digital, are authored outside or inside your organization, are stored, copied, attached to emails and belong to security classifications or not. The mere volume should frighten everybody.

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19. September 2014

The whole week has been busy like hell to prepare the two fighters for their final battle on Saturday night. Rumors about that historical match are to be heard overall. On social media. On TV. In the press. This is no wonder. What makes this fight so incredibly interesting is that the two combats will fight special rules. Rules that could never…

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