19. November 2014

Who created PowerPoint slides in the past probably invested some time in “beautifying” or enriching the slides. Either with animations or comments or information only relevant for the presenter. If you take a look at the online presentation platform “slides.com”, you will find out soon that the capabilities in comparison to PowerPoint are quite limited.

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12. November 2014

One of the frequent complaints of sales people is about “the lack of interesting stories” to tell to new prospects or even existing ones. In a world of social media where sales people are thought to not talk about their product but about the value they create, a lot of sales people feel overstrained with this task. Most sales people feel better, if…

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5. November 2014

This sounds like a message that everyone would like to read, if the person behind would be Steve Jobs. Albert Einstein. Warren Buffet. But who would care to read about.me from you? Or no better: Me. And what should one write at all about himself? Well, take a look at the platform about.me and find out how they can help you.

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29. October 2014

I have to admit: This message is not intuitive. It is probably not even guaranteed that every reader heard about hashtags at all. To bring us all on the same level of understanding: The social network Twitter uses so called hashtags as filter criteria. Anybody who wants to add a message to a specific topic just adds the hash (#) to a word, e.g. #myhashtag – and now the message can be found by anybody who looks for this term.

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22. October 2014

Let us face it: Most sales people hate their CRM software. They don’t use it as a sales and performance booster but they enter the minimum of data relevant for their boss to satisfy the reporting needs. This is not astonishing if you consider how CRM systems are built: Sales has to sell, so the software is about leads and deals. And as most sales people are paid based on their produced revenue, the pipeline is the measure for planned and realized success. And closed deals are the fuel for a sales person’s earnings.

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